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INDUS GOLF ASSOCIATION – Waiver of Liability

Indus Golf Association shall not assume responsibility or be held liable for any injury to person, or damages or loss of property suffered by any member or guest, for any reason. Member or guest is familiar with the risks and perils inherent in sports activities such as golf and associated activities. Further, the member or guest is aware of the risk of personal injury to his or her self when undertaking such sports activities.

Therefore in consideration of being permitted membership or participation in Indus Golf Association events the member or guest hereby voluntarily assumes all risks of personal injury, property damage, and/or other damages to him/her resulting from or in any way associated with his or her participation in any of the activities sponsored by Indus Golf Association.

Further, the member or guest hereby releases Indus Golf Association and its Board of Officers, and agents from every claim, liability, or demand of any kind, or on account of any personal injury, property damage, or other damages resulting from or in any way associated with the members or guests participation in said activities.