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A Deep Dive into Crowdbotics’ New AI Features

At Crowdbotics, we carefully infuse AI throughout the entire software development lifecycle, allowing companies of all sizes to securely accelerate their pace of innovation.

8 October 2023

by Crowdbotics

The world of software development is undergoing a seismic shift. The rise of AI and machine learning introduces new possibilities in the realm of software development, a change that not only brings new challenges, but also unlocks opportunity for innovation and advancement. At Crowdbotics, we carefully infuse AI throughout the entire software development lifecycle, allowing companies of all sizes to securely accelerate their pace of innovation.

Before we dive into the new features, it’s essential to understand the problem we’re addressing. Up to a staggering 70% of code written by organizations has been written before. This redundancy means that teams often waste resources and time reinventing the wheel. Crowdbotics’ new AI capabilities aim to eliminate this redundancy, enabling businesses to focus on genuine innovation. What we’ve launched this week is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Crowdbotics’ New AI-Powered Features

Assessment AI

This feature scans project data to identify areas of duplicative work and recommends a code reuse strategy. This helps kickstart the migration to CodeOps to ensure that developers don’t waste time rewriting existing code. The resulting assessment flags duplicative efforts, finds opportunities to modularize code and estimates future savings. 


Just 12 months ago, it would have been crazy to think you could build most of a new application with just a few lines of text. Today, that’s the reality. PRD AI can generate a comprehensive software Product Requirements Document (PRD) and build plan, including key features, relevant user roles, detailed descriptions and acceptance criteria, and more. Customers only need to input a few sentences describing what they want to build, review what PRD AI generates, and make whatever edits they see fit. 

The result is a massive reduction of time and effort to go from an idea to a full specification. But that’s not all – PRD AI will even search through our module catalog to find reusable code that satisfies features’ acceptance criteria, automatically reducing the amount of manual effort required to execute on any given build plan. 

With a few lines of text, you have a PRD and a set of recommended modules to meet a portion of your requirements. 

In addition to helping customers generate their Build Plan quicker, with built-in organization, detail, and code reuse, PRD AI also enables customers to take advantage of AI’s knowledge and creativity. For example, users are able to instantaneously review insights, suggestions, or risks– using our “Edit with AI” interface. In a few clicks, users can review suggested features, analyze risks unique to their project, understand compliance or security concerns, and more. This helps ensure that our use of AI doesn’t just let us go faster– it also enriches the user experience to become more additive, analytical, and thoughtful.

Assembly AI

Assembly AI takes things a step further – once customers approve theirPRD, Assembly AI constructs a huge chunk of a customer’s application by creating scaffolding and assembling recommended modules which include UI components, data models, connectors and more. The outcome is our customers can now focus their time and effort on what’s unique to this application since all the common components are already built.

Edit with AI

Of course, an application isn’t done once the code is written. Edit with AI allows customers to modify AI or human-generated applications using natural language suggestions, making the editing process more intuitive and efficient.

Of course, since Crowdbotics is a full-code platform, our customers can still develop anything they see fit the old-fashioned way, via code in our UI or their favorite IDE.

We’re very excited about these new features and even more excited about what’s to come. Crowdbotics is paving the way for an AI-first approach to software development. By harnessing the power of AI and CodeOps to streamline the development process, Crowdbotics is ensuring that businesses can focus on what truly matters: innovation.